Responsible Person

If you are launching a cosmetic product, you are legally bound to designate a Responsible Person (RP). CosTec can offer practical help to guide you through this process. Our services also apply to EU imports and to manufacturers from outside the EU. You can even authorize CosTec to act as your RP.

 CPNP Product Notification

Every cosmetic product legally requires a digital product notification. Such, so called CPNP product notification, may be submitted by CosTec on your behalf or we can provide the right support in doing so yourself. If required, an ECAS/SAAS account also can be created.

Product Information File and Product Safety Assessment

These are at the heart of a proper and safe cosmetic product, and therefore should be completed before the launch of the product.

CosTec can draw up the entire file for you or assess its completeness. Since we are a safety assessor certified by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), you may also choose to have CosTec report on and authorise the Product Safety Assessment.

Claim Substantiation

As of the publication of the 655/2013 (EU) Regulation on Claim Criteria, it is mandatory for your cosmetics product to provide honest product claims. CosTec will provide proper claim substantiation and perform the necessary tests on your product.

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics

We conduct GMP assessments and will advise manufacturers on how to meet these standards in practice.